Friday, February 19, 2010

Lobster Mash Vol. 3

I think my best mashups to date seem to have happened in 2009. I made the annual CD, chronicling the best remixes I did during the year. The artwork on the right, with the giant gay lobster having his way with the son of God, is the doing of Mr. Oth Khotsimeuang. You can see more of his gorgeous work at:

This was the first time I had confirmation from the mashup "scene" for my work, and had several tracks played at club nights in various cities in U.S., as well as London. What's hilarious is that I'm old enough to be the Y Chromosome to pretty much anyone currently in said scene. And they don't appear to know that.

But it's nice, when you aren't looking for attention any longer, that you suddenly get more than you can probably handle. Yes, I totally smell the non-Alanis irony that I'm stating this on my blog, lather, rinse, repeat. But I remember when I really lived to get attention, at every turn. I cringe when I think of some of the things I did and said, just to get noticed. Maybe if Karma exists, then I'm getting a full circle. Or maybe the randomness of the universe has simply opened a window long enough for me to notice the draft, before I absent-mindedly close it.

This past year saw my struggle with unemployment, and recovery from a major brain concussion stemming from a bike accident at the end of 2008. Also, the loss of a few friends, witnessing the breakdown of several relationships between people I love, and the constant lesson of learning who your real friends are all over again, when you are most in need.

It doesn't surprise me that my best creative work has always come from despair. The sudden desire, that summer of 1996, to learn to play guitar, and write all those morbid silly folk songs, and suddenly witness a band form around it, Wyziwyg, came from being homeless for 18 months in bitter NYC, and going a bit more crazy than I was ready for, leading me on a trajectory that I'm still following, doing music instead of acting. I really didn't think I needed any more "character building", but it's not all up to me, of course.

I've been a sloth about updating my regular website, but I hope to get all these new tracks up there in the coming months. I've done a mailing of CDs to folks whom I know will listen to it, but anyone reading this post is more than welcome to shoot me an email, and let me know if they want a copy of this new CD. It's that easy. If you prefer a bunch of MP3s emailed to you, then I can do that too. Lobstermail

Free music, mixed like no other mashup artist does. Lobstah style.

Muchas Gracias to Roger "Jack MF" Mapili, Allison "Wonderland" Splendafora, and Brian "Skippy" Devaney, for the emails of mashup ideas that led to a few of these mixes, as well as my sister Patti's much needed guidance on Irish folk dance music. Anyone is always welcome to email random takes a village and all.

Thanks for Listening,

My New Hero

This is the face of the future. The face of someone cooler than I. She is an actress with Down Syndrome that parodied herself on Family Guy, and Sarah Palin had a media frenzy with it. Now, Andrea Fay Friedman responds, and has the last laugh.

From her email to NYTimes:

"In my family we think laughing is good. My parents raised me to have a sense of humor and to live a normal life. My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former Governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes."

Andrea FTW!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cooking With Semen

Is This Real?? I Think So!

Men are Pigs, basically.

I love the disclaimer on the Forward page:

"This cookbook is written for consenting diners of semen. Please do not add semen to your guests's food without informing them beforehand. All the recipes in this book have all been tested by the author and friends of the author."

Order Yours Today, Douchebags!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Criminal Romance"
Lady Gaga vs Michael Jackson

This mashup got some club play at Bootie. I decided to make a video, like I do with several of my mixes. But YouTube has apparently installed a new filter that prevents copywritten material from being posted. But they don't reject the video outright, they just say "blocked in some countries"...which of course includes USA. I searched high and low for a new video hosting site that is less stringent, and settled on Not sure why the embedding is creating stripes though. Oh well.